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“I used to go to Uptown literally every day when I was a student at Suffolk. Their bread is freaking amazing and their sandwich ingredients are top notch. I like the “Lady” sandwich with tomato, motz, basil, and balsamic. I also used to get a chicken sandwich with pasta. Awesome. Can’t forget about their pasta… tortellinis with vodka sauce is
THE best meal they offer!”
-Sara S.

“This is a tiny cafe on Cambridge Street that is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner when you’re downtown.  They bake their crispy but soft french bread daily, and their chicken is done on a rotisserie and is always fabulous.  Portions are generous and the prices are awesome.  My favorite is the chicken parm sub.  Instead of a damp chicken tender on a club roll, like most places, they use their fresh bread and tender, moist pieces of chicken breast.  Delicious!”
-Chris J.

“My favorite here is the ceasar salad with chicken.  The dressing on the salad is a nice tangy dressing, not one of those overly creamy dressings. And they give you several pieces of the fresh bread to accompany the salad.”
Trish G.

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