Main menu:


Penne Pasta (Ziti) 8.00
Imported Italian pasta cooked al dente then sautéed in the pan with choice of sauce
Spinach Florentine Ravioli 10.35
Fresh spinach wrapped in a spinach and egg stripped dough with choice of sauce
Cheese Ravioli 10.35
A blend of three cheeses, with your choice of sauce
Cheese Totellini 10.35
Pasta filled withCheese Tortellini a blend of 5 cheeses
Spinach Tortellini 10.35
A blend of 5 cheeses wrapped in a fresh spinach dough, with your choice of sauce
Gnocchi 10.35
Homemade style ricotta gnocchi, with your choice of sauce
Pasta Rabe 10.35
*EXTRAS* add Meatballs (4)  2.00, Chicken 2.50, Sausage 2.00, Garlic Bread 2.00

Homemade Sauces


Marinara Sauce – Our lite tomato sauce seasoned to perfection

Pink Cream Sauce – Our fresh marinara sauce with a touch of  cream added

Pesto Sauce – Fresh basil blended with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and Romano cheese

Alfredo Sauce

Pesto Cream Sauce – Our homemade pesto sauce with a touch of cream added

Scampi Sauce – A perfect blend of butter, olive oil, fresh garlic, white wine and parsleye

**Price’s listed on site do not include MA and City Meals Tax**

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